beyond local

Local isn’t just a name. It’s a frame of mind – a philosophy of getting involved in the community and giving back. We believe that simply buying local produce doesn’t make you a truly local restaurant. Local covers more ground than that.

For instance, we support community charities, we host fundraising dinners for local groups, we involve small local producers in our food sourcing, and we provide cooking classes such as how to prepare wild game.

Giving back is important to us – and to our staff. Every employee is fully paid for 10 hours of volunteer work per year for the local nonprofit of their choice. Also, every month for the whole month on Mondays we select a worthy local charity and give it 25% of our proceeds for a day. Much of the money we earn at Local is plowed back into the community.

To connect with local gardeners, we’ve established a Local Board of Agriculture. Check it out for postings on what we need (it’s also listed on our Facebook page). If you have more produce than you can use, bring it by the restaurant. Perhaps we can use it.

Our restaurant is owned and operated by people who live in Billings. Our head chef, Travis Stimpson, was born and raised in the area and has earned acclaim for his culinary skills at several of Billings’ best restaurants. Learn more about our local head chef.

All artwork you see in our restaurant is graciously provided by Travis’s cousin Chance Robinson, one of Montana’s greatest young artists who is rapidly gaining global recognition.

Now you see what we mean by “local.” We hope you’ll become part of the Local scene!